Questions to ask yourself before contacting SOLV

1. Do I know what objectives I want my marketing to achieve?

A lot of people think all marketing is about the same end result–driving sales. This is not entirely correct, as there are other business objectives that represent value to a business beyond a single sale. Objectives can include brand awareness, sales leads, customer acquisition and more.

If you aren’t entirely sure which objective is best for you, that isn’t a deal-breaker. SOLV can help you develop marketing objectives that work best for your long term goals.

2. Am I generally satisfied with my current marketing?

SOLV may not be for you. We are on a never-ending quest to improve marketing performance, even when our efforts are successful. A successful campaign scales upon itself, meaning additional investment when we can capitlize on lucrative channels and messages.


3. Am I willing to share my business reporting numbers with my marketing agency?

Your marketing agency is your partner in your success, so we will absolutely need access to your business performance reporting. This information is vital in monitoring the performance of our campaigns and making guided decisions to improve results.


4. Can SOLV just design my advertisements while I monitor the performance?

Ultimately, no. SOLV will, however, take on single projects. Sometimes you just need a video produced or a flyer designed. These are non-campaign advertisements and we do work with companies who have specific needs. When it comes to improving your marketing performance, we can only move forward with a holistic partnership.