Bartlett Brief

If you’re involved in the professional tree service industry, then you know the name Bartlett. They’re one of the top arborist gear suppliers in the country, and they sell all types of tree work supplies from cutting tools to climbing harnesses on their website.

Before working with SOLV, Bartlett worked with marketing partners that didn’t share their website analytics with them–meaning Bartlett had no idea which of their marketing efforts actually drove results.

Our partnership with Bartlett has been the opposite–we’re now recording the direct effects of each of their marketing channels. Effective marketing intelligence allows us to know who we are reaching, and how they are reacting to messages.

Since 2017, SOLV has helped Bartlett improve their digital shopping experience for customers, grown a large email list of 15,000+ dedicated fans, and reach tree climbers through their Google search inquiries for gear. In two years, their sales revenue has increased 167% and Bartlett still works with SOLV to this day.